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18 Dec

Do you have a fitness enthusiast to buy for this Christmas? Are you looking to drop a massive hint to the other half on what to get you this Christmas? No worries, we are here to help.

Wireless Headphones for a tangle-free workout

Below are our suggestions on what to buy the important fitness enthusiast in your life…..

1. Wireless headphones.

Music makes working out more enjoyable, FACT! It’s a great stress release to forget your problems for an hour and drift off into a music-filled headspace. One problem you may have encountered like so many others is those pesky headphone wires. Pulling on your ears, getting caught in the machines, its a nightmare. Enter wireless headphones, with a massive range available now its best to shop around, we do recommend you look for noise canceling ones, especially if your gym has an extra loud sound system.

2. The Fitbook – Nutrition and Training Journal.

We all know the importance of keeping a log of your workouts and the food you consume (if you didn’t know….well it’s very important, but only if you want to be successful). Too often as a personal trainer, I will ask a new client to run through what they typically eat, 90% start with….. ‘I eat quite healthy really, I’m not sure why I can’t lose weight’.
Enter the food log, I will get each client to write down everything that they consume for a 48 hour period. Lo and behold, it’s not so healthy after all or its a lot more than they thought. With everyone having such busy lifestyles food becomes a second thought and we end up eating on the run or grabbing a bite here and a quick snack there. It all adds ups, without us even realizing. Once you start to make a conscious effort to write down what you eat, only then will you see where you can improve.

3. Resistance bands.

Its back to that busy lifestyle and how we can work around it. Some days you just don’t have the time or energy to come in from work, get changed into your gym gear, make sure the kids are OK, grab a quick pre-workout snack and head back out to the gym for an hour. It would be much more convenient if you had something at home, that you could(with a little creativity) work your whole body with. I love resistance bands, I use them with my clients and I use them with my own training, they are handy, don’t require a lot of space and extremely effective(just ask my clients about band tricep pushdowns….ouch!). Great for any fitness fanatic.

4. Smoothie Maker.

These tend to be commonplace now with anyone that is looking to improve their health and fitness, and rightly so. Just be careful with your servings, stick to main vegetables and add minimal fruit to sweeten. The last thing you want is a sugar-laden breakfast drink. Try and get the highest powered one in your budget, especially if you are adding nuts to those shakes.

5. BBPT 21 Day New Year Kick Start Voucher.

Come on really?… didn’t expect this to be on the list? Ha-ha
I’m so excited about this new program we are offering I genuinely believe it should be on everyone list. 2 semi-private PT sessions per week, all new diet plan, all new recipes that taste amazing and are a breeze to prep, plus a lot more. I think the only thing we don’t do for you is the exercise. Take out the guesswork and make the best start to 2018 with our fantastic new program.

There we go, hopefully, Santa will be dropping a few of these into your stockings this year. Have a Very Merry Fit-mas from all of us at Brian Bennett Personal Training.

12 Dec

Bone Broth – Liquid Multi-Vitamin.

As the colder mornings start to set in, I reach for my hearty, warming, liquid multi vitamin. The Bone Broth Vegetable Stew.

Today I will share my recipe with you.

Bone broth alone is a power house of minerals containing calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium, in forms that your body can easily absorb. It contains chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine which help to reduce inflammation and joint pain. It is also rich in the amino acids glycine and proline which are important for a healthy gut and digestion, muscle repair, a balanced nervous system and a strong immune system.

24 Nov

When I became a dad two and a half years ago it changed my life in many ways. One of the changes it produced was the change in my client focus. I went from training anyone and everyone to really wanting to help busy mothers. A mothers job never ends, they selflessly put their needs behind everyone else’s and in doing so their health and fitness tends to suffer.  Here we have our top five tips to help busy mothers make fitness a part of their lives.

A mothers time is precious.

All too often I get clients coming in for a consultation or a transformation session and when I ask what their exercise routine currently looks like, I get a list as long as my arm containing classes I never even knew existed (in fact I could save myself some time by printing off the local fitness centre’s entire class timetable). Long gone are the days when hours on end of aerobic classes was the normal or recommended thing to do. It’s time to spend the few free hours you have wisely, it’s time to train smart. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is an exercise technique that alternates periods of maximum effort work with low intensity rest periods. HIIT sessions can last anywhere from 4 to 30 minutes which is a big benefit for anyone with a busy lifestyle. Other benefits include

  • Increased calorie burn post workout
  • increase lean mass and decrease body fat
  • increased heart health
  • increased glucose metabolism
  • increases both anaerobic and aerobic fitness
  • skyrockets your metabolism
  • no equipment is needed

So these small workouts pack a big punch while also freeing up more time for other things. Why not give our top rated HIIT Jack And Jill Workout a go? This workout is sure to stoke the flames of your metabolism and melt away body fat.

Being a stay at home mam.

With the emergence of the above mentioned high intensity interval workouts, going to the gym 4 or 5 times per week is no longer needed. There are an abundance of home workouts involving little to no exercise equipment. Don’t think just because you don’t have access to fancy equipment that you wont see results because you will. Depending how far away you live from the gym just getting to and from it can add hours onto your workout, with home workouts all you need is a small space and 20 -30 spare minutes or 7 minutes if you follow our 5 star HIIT 7 Minute Bodyweight Workout.

Change the way you think.

Specifically change the way you think about exercise or what counts as exercise. You don’t have to enter a gym or fitness centre for it to count as a workout. Add exercise into your everyday life. Get the kids or babies out in the push chair and go for a 30 minute walk, i know from experience how much that can get the blood pumping. Play time with the children, getting on your feet, singing and dancing.  The aim is to elevate your heart rate above normal resting rate, and keep it there for around 30 minutes. It’s up to you how you do it.

Plan, prepare, perform.

Being healthy isn’t just about exercising, eating the right food is just as important. If you are unprepared its so easy to be caught off guard by hunger and reach for that quick and easy, unhealthy snack or pick from the children’s left over plate. Planning your meals for the week puts you in control of your situation. Spend Sunday evening planning out your meals and prepping your food for the first half of the week, then on Wednesday prep your meals for the second half of the week.

A mothers meeting.

The hardest things are best accomplished with someone by your side. Who better to have with you than another busy mother. Making exercise a social thing will help to increase the enjoyment of it and increase the likely hood of you sticking to it in the long term. The road to a healthier mind and body is a long one, having someone to vent frustrations to and share triumphs with will make all the difference.

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