Personal Training Before Picture

Before Picture

Rewind six months, I was frustrated with my weight, I was constantly tired even after 9 hours sleep, I would fall asleep as soon as I sat down and although I didn’t realise it, my confidence had gone. I would eat out of boredom, I would eat anything out of convenience – usually, a takeaway and I constantly craved pasta and sweet treats. I was stuck in a rut. I had tried various diets before and even had a gym membership, but I used any excuse not to go – I’ve been at work for 12 hours, I need to put some washing in, anything was good enough. By signing up for Brian Bennett Personal Training I had to stick to my scheduled session, I wasn’t going to ring up and cancel, I had made the commitment and I was going to stick to it.

Today everything has changed and I never imagined I could have achieved these results. I find it embarrassing seeing pictures of myself and how I had let myself go, Brian, says I should see it as a success that I have made the changes. I am now in size 10 jeans having lost over 50lbs, something I haven’t been since I left school at 16 – I never thought I could be a size 10. My confidence is back, so much so I am presenting to over 250 people. I am proud of my achievements, I have worked hard and I am happy to share my experience.

I often get asked why I’m still training, how small do I want to be? I’m not training to lose more weight; I’m training to maintain and to push myself. I am competitive, I can lift weights and I want to lift more. I get told that if I lift weights I will get big, and I won’t lose weight. I am proof you can lift weights and you can lose weight without spending hours on the treadmill. Brian Bennett Personal Training gives you the confidence to do more, to push yourself, to achieve more, just little encouragements to get you that bit further. Brian Bennett Personal TRaining gives you the belief you can achieve your goals – no matter how big or small.

So why did I choose Brian Bennett Personal Training? My facebook feed is full of personal trainers but Brian has an excellent reputation for getting results, he has the testimonials and the pictures to back up what they say, but don’t get me wrong I still had my doubts about what I would really achieve, but I am proof that it can be done. It wasn’t easy, the sessions push you, the diet isn’t difficult but when I’m surrounded by temptation every day, my willpower was tested but the results make all the effort worthwhile, and best of all NO 30-minute boring cardio sessions.

Personal Training After Picture

After Picture



The biggest obstacle I faced joining Brian Bennett Personal Training was myself, I was self-conscious; of how I looked, how strong I was, what flexibility I had, what knowledge I had and would I make a fool of myself. I was wrong, from the very first moment Brian gives you the support and encouragement, there is no judgment as your first measurements are taken and you step on the scales. Brian has all the knowledge you need, I asked a lot of questions, but Brian was always able to give me the answer and explain why we did this number of reps, this combination of exercises etc.

Knowing a few friends who have completed personal training with other instructors, I honestly feel Brian Bennett Personal Training is the best, the advice is second to none and the diet rules are simple, no need to weigh your food all the time, you just have to follow a set of simple rules. I don’t have time to weigh each meal nor do I want to be eating rice and chicken for each meal, Brian has the tools to make sure this is not the case. The recipes are delicious, my meals aren’t boring and I don’t feel like I am dieting. I’m not hungry between meals. I honestly can’t recommend Brian Bennett Personal Training enough, take a chance and try something new, you will not regret it.

Personal Training before and after picture

Brian Bennett Personal Training Client Before & After Picture